Urgent Care for Lice Removal®

Your kids just came home with head lice? Don’t panic. We can help! Savvy parents know that getting rid of lice eggs is the hardest part of an effective lice treatment. That’s why they love the AirAllé® device.

100% Guaranteed Lice Treatment

  • Kid-friendly
  • 1-hour lice treatment using heated air
  • Dehydrates lice and eggs without pesticides
  • Uses FDA-cleared medical device

Over 350 clinics worldwide

More than 950,000 lice treatments and growing,
finding a clinic near you is easier than ever. Our clinicians are waiting to help.
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The AirAllé® device and Lice Clinics of America® are brands owned by Lice Clinics of America. Lice Clinics of America is a world leader in lice-treatment services. Rest easy and let one of our professional clinics take care of you today.

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